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[dis]comfort food
(2021- ongoing


Photo and video by Erfan Abdi and Naomi Moonlion

Presented at Instrument Inventors at 28-30 October 2021

This program is presented by iii with financial support from Creative Industries Fund NL, the Municipality of the Hague, and the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


[dis]comfort food is a collaborative project between Cemre Kara and  Laila Snevele. Visitors are invited to experience dining with new tools developed by the two artists. Four different courses of small appetizers will be served along with the performative showcasing of the dining tools.

“Don’t play with your food! is just one of the things your parents might have told you, but we want you to do just that.

We want to explore the role of the body in the act of eating; turning your dinner into a playful act.

Have you noticed how a slightly bent fork or spoon can distract you from your mindless meal?

How disturbing and new it seems at the beginning until you get used to the slight change.

We want to recognize the discomfort of learning and find comfort in it.

When our movements are free from the table’s limitations, we can observe how the body and mind behave in the act of learning.”

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