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Elbows on the Table



Photo by Jocelyn Yan and Pedro Gossler



Photos by Jesus Canuto Iglesias



At some point in time, the idea of the consumption of food was transformed from a biological necessity into a carefully cultured phenomenon of lifestyle. All the information we have about food and eating has been passed on and developed from generation to generation to the cultures of today. These are the things we call our table manners or food ethics. The ways we consume and process or choose to socialize around food.


In my perspective, these ideas were built to reduce violent social interactions, as well as crave for stronger bonds urging people to find spaces where they can be peaceful; like a dinner table.

Since food and dining are very important ways for social interactions, securing unity and eradicating violence may have become cultural missions for some. But is it the case? How effectively do societies establish this peace at the table? 


The dinner focuses on visualizing dinner scenarios as a performative act that plays with the ideas of Western table manners. It comes from questioning the possibilities of creating different eating scenarios and behavior at the dinner table, by simply not holding our cutleries with our hands. This will allow us to explore how much change this behavior would bring to our accustomed table manners and the accepted etiquette around the dinner table.

Winner of iii Research Residency Award for KABK graduates and BA ArtScience Department Award 2021

actie_preview_muireann 1.png

Elbows on the Table was exhibited in the ArtScience Preview Show 2021, organised by 2021 Graduates of Artscience 

Location: Grey Space in the Middle

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Elbows on the Table was exhibited between 8-11 July 2021 at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague Graduation Show.

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