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Laser Pointer Visualiser  (2018)


The theme of my project was to create an analog system using vibrations from loudspeakers to form different visuals. 
The general concept comes from a very practical and easy physics experiment, in which the laser pointer hits a single mirror that is connected to a loudspeaker, which is covered with flexible latex.  Due to the vibrations of the loudspeaker visuals will be formed. The complexity of the created visuals will change according to the complexity of the audio. Such as, with only one frequency the visuals turn up to be a single ellipse or other simple organic shapes. In the case that the audio is a more complex music, or a combination of different sounds, the complexity of the visuals will change and abstract visuals will be created. 

From the beginning of this year, the question I formulated for myself and the ultimate goal for this project was to understand wave phenomena, using studies of scientific experiments, and challenge myself to look at the progress of these experiments throughout the history of science, and as an artist, to transform the existing scientific experiments into a work of art.  With this in mind, I transformed a simple laser-mirror experiment into a playful analog visual device that is connected to an audio track, combining sounds of different vibrating devices such as, cell phone, electric massager, vibrating glass bottle and sounds from MIDI device, which I developed during this semester in Frank Balde’s MIDI Instrument Design Workshop.

The visual transformation of sound waves, whether they belong to a sound of a human being, a variety of frequencies or music, demonstrates the results of different scientific experiments, as well as explores the nature of the universe. I find that understanding wave phenomena and vibrations is important to understand life itself, as the law of nature states, that everything in life has a vibration. For this reason, creating something, which is completely analog, while at the same time establish a wide variety of complex visuals, using the laws of physics, gave me the opportunity to  experiment. I see this project as a transformer of aesthetic visuals of the universe into an art form. 

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