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Redefining Stories



Photos by Haris Begic

The project is done, collaboration with Ya Laziz Catering, FilMis and Onze Ambassade on 26th of May 2018.  



Redefining Stories”, is an interactive performative lunch guided through three different storytellers sharing their personal experiences of ‘coming to The Netherlands and/or living in The Netherlands’.

It aims to explore the relationships between storytelling and our senses. How a person can feel the story of someone else? Resulting in a three-course dinner session inspired by the three different stories collected. 

The project focuses on the cultural aspects of food, tradition, and transformation due to migration, as well as psychological aspects relating to emotional transformations and reactions due to specific incidents, changes in one living environment, migration, which are connected to the stories of the storytellers focused on in the storytelling dinner. It asks the question “How do we relate to one another in our living environment?”

This project looks at the role food, in connection with authentic stories, could play in an integration process that requires mutual understanding and respect.

The goal of this project is to connect the cultural and the social and to give people from different backgrounds a voice, by creating a platform to present their real stories in connection with the most social activity of all: sharing food and eating together. As love goes through the Stomach (Liefde Gaat door de Maag), so does mutual understanding, recognition, and respect.

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